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Reclaim your life, one change at a time

So you've been told, but YOU don't feel fine.   You feel "off" despite your labs being "normal", and your quality of life is suffering for it.  We often accept being "Fine" until enough time has passed and your suspicions are confirmed with a new chronic disease diagnosis just to be given a pill, or two, as a band-aid to treat symptoms with no true lasting relief, understanding what the root cause of your illness is, or a roadmap to get well .  

As a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I partner with individual clients and/or patients, in collaboration with their licensed healthcare providers, in facilitating the right changes at the right time.  You will receive the foundational education and coaching that alleviates the need to spend thousands of dollars in testing and initial specialty consults upfront, give you the tools and confidence to advocate for your health, and get you back to loving yourself in your unique body.  By refocusing on what your body and mind need, you will go from saying "I'm fine" to "I'm back!"

Health Transformations...

"I battle Lyme disease and CIRS.  Jen has been an instrumental piece in my health journey.  I highly recommend her to anyone needing a health coach.  She is a supportive, compassionate, and energetic coach to help you with your goals.  Her zest for life rubs off on you in the BEST possible way!"

Stefanie S. 


"I worked with Jen for a year and her warm and caring nature helped me tremendously as I worked through several tough health issues.  She is super knowledgeable in areas of chronic health and stress, and I can honestly say without Jen I would be struggling in life and not thriving as I am today."

Kelley T. 

Corporate Sales

"When I began with Jen I was in a "swirl of life."  She absolutely was instrumental in helping me to not only identify the many areas of wellness I wished to work on, but guided me through the process of changing those wishes into goals and the goals into successful life changes."

Jenn K.


Are you ready for YOUR Comeback?