Jen Lendaris


I coach women with chronic health conditions let go of what they can't control, learn to manage what they can, & start healing to prevent more illness & reclaim an active life!

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Can you relate?

Are you suffering from a preventable health condition for  3+ months?

You have wasted money on fad diets, everyone around you is getting the results YOU want, and you are frustrated and mad at your body!

You have fatigue, brain fog, feel unhealthy and want to socially withdraw?

Did your health care provider tell you that you need to make a lifestyle change, for example, lose 20 pounds, lower your cholesterol through diet and exercise, or lower your stress level, get your diabetes under tight control, which left you overwhelmed with no support, accountability, or road map to achieve it?

You want someone to bridge the gap between your health care team and good ole google's conflicting information and you want someone to break it down in terms you can understand so you feel empowered to Own your Health!

You use up all your energy and brain power for work and feel guilty about making yourself a priority to implement the changes you need?

Your disease puts limitations on your work and personal life and you need strategies to implement change?

You are not depressed yet find yourself living in isolation with your disease and accepting your health as it is knowing it will likely just get worse overtime or develop additional illnesses?

Do you simply want an unbiased accountability partner who will encourage and bring out the best in you?

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I went from frustrated and clueless on how to manage my health to making lifestyle changes that allowed my body to start healing  and living an active life!  Learn more about me here. 


Beautiful soul, I see you, I hear you, you are not alone.  Together we will embrace your health journey and celebrate ALL your wins along the way!

"Beautiful soul, I see you,

I hear you, YOU are not alone."

My soul mission is to create a legacy of women living with chronic illness to take an active role in their health and create a demand for a health care revolution that encompasses  health coaching as first line of treatment for chronic illness to prevent years and decades of living with poor health.  


Jen brings a unique skill set to the coaching experience with heart and passion from personal perseverance to professional success. 


It is the culmination of this experience and knowledge that Jen has used to help herself on her health journey and work with others to put themselves first and achieve health wins.  She considers every client a VIP and creates a trusting and welcoming  environment as you become the expert in your journey to Own YOUR Health! Learn more about her here.                     

The OG, Mastermind, and Creator of the mindset and coaching movement:  

Jen Lendaris

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