Coaching for Lifestyle Change

Your Partner in Wellness AND Health

What is a

health coach?

The American Medical Association (AMA) defines a coach as a non-physician health care professional certified by NBHWC or NCHEC.


The AMA also states  " Well-trained and certified health and wellness coaches—with expertise in patient-empowering communication and behavior change—engage patients to develop and implement a personal vision and plan for optimal health. With the coach's support, patients cultivate the internal motivation, confidence, and resources needed to start and sustain behaviors shown to prevent or treat chronic disease and improve health and well-being"

Functional Nutrition + Health Counseling

Understanding that Food is Medicine, there is no one-size-fits all approach to nutrition.  Using a food template, we can primarily focus on whole foods rich in nutrition for formulate a plan that meets your unique energy needs and promotes you body's natural ability to heal. 


Coach Jen is also a Nutrition Counselor and can help you understand your prescribed meal plan or help your identify a non-therapeutic nutrition options.  Jen will  meet you where you are and work with you towards your nutrition goals.

Mind/Body Medicine

Mind/body medicine is a part of medicine that is connects the relationship between with the way our mind, thoughts, and beliefs affect our body and physical health.  Learning to incorporate stress reduction and movement techniques in our daily life will foster healing and internal peace. 

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of individuals unique strengths to help them to thrive leading meaning and fulfilling lives.  A Functional Medicine Health Coach will be curious about your unique strengths and utilize them to empower your to use your gifts so both body and mind flourish.  



Functional Medicine Health Coaches work alongside clients to co-collaborate goals that are client driven, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive.  WHAT does that mean? I will be your accountability partner while supporting you every step of the way to meet your wellness and health goals. 

Can you relate?  

  • Do you "know" what change you need to make in life, but are stuck on how to get there?

  • Did your health care provider tell you that you need a specific outcome, for example, lose 20 pounds, lower your cholesterol through diet and exercise, or lower your stress level, get your diabetes under tight control, which left you overwhelmed with no road map to achieve it?

  • Do you feel disorganized with too many responsibilities and crave balance?

  • Do  you feel confused with all the nutrition facts and need to learn what is best for your body?

  • Do you simply want an unbiased accountability partner who will encourage and bring out the best in you?

  • Are you interested in becoming a health coach or a recent certified coach and need to process the next steps?

Some people who I work with are: 

  • Women going through lifestyle changes  from puberty to infertility to menopause.  Jen has been through each of these stages and it's her mission to empower women to have self-compassion and love their bodies where they are while making changes that allow them to thrive in life.

  • People with chronic inflammation and auto immune diseases due to environment and lifestyle choices. Jen has overcome a debilitating health journey and has an empathetic heart to partner with you to regain your life.

  • People who crave work-life balance, which includes entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, to SAHM's.  Jen has experience in all of these areas and appreciates the unique environment and challenges each brings to your quality of life and can be your ally  to make the change you seek.  

  • Coaches, just like Jen!  She has experience coaching and mentoring other coaches so they can succeed both personally and professionally!

Ready to get started?

Group Virtual Coaching

The coaching timeline and topic is based on the needs of the group, e.g. time management, stress reduction, mindful eating.

This allows you to be part of a community working towards a common goal.  


To establish what is best for your needs: 

1. Book a FREE Discovery Call with your group leader

2. Book a 90 min Foundation Session

3. Determine you follow-up sessions for 60 or 90 minutes

Sessions can be booked individually or in packages for a discount!


Identify YOUR innate strengths 

Excel your learning, happiness, and own your results

Create a Wellness Vision

Choose a future time-frame of what your ideal future self/life will look like 

Create a timeline of your life

Key to identifying a root cause to your health concerns

A tool to uncover what life events may have effected health and onset of symptoms

Take a look at all areas of life/pillars of wellness

Identify where you feel out of balance

Become aware of a starting point YOU want to make change

Understand what Stage of Change YOU are at

Explore the pros and cons of change

Identify fears and challenges holding you back

Create positive self-talk

Create SMART Goals that work and align with your wellness vision 

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Time Bound

"Right now is the best time to create tomorrow"-Ken Poirot

Are you suffering from a preventable health condition for  3+ months?

You have wasted money on fad diets, everyone around you is getting the results YOU want, and you are frustrated and mad at your body!

You have fatigue, brain fog, feel unhealthy and want to socially withdraw?

Did your health care provider tell you that you need to make a lifestyle change, for example, lose 20 pounds, lower your cholesterol through diet and exercise, or lower your stress level, get your diabetes under tight control, which left you overwhelmed with no support, accountability, or road map to achieve it?

You want someone to bridge the gap between your health care team and good ole google's conflicting information and you want someone to break it down in terms you can understand so you feel empowered to Own your Health!

You use up all your energy and brain power for work and feel guilty about making yourself a priority to implement the changes you need?

Your disease puts limitations on your work and personal life and you need strategies to implement change?

You are not depressed yet find yourself living in isolation with your disease and accepting your health as it is knowing it will likely just get worse overtime or develop additional illnesses?

Do you simply want an unbiased accountability partner who will encourage and bring out the best in you?