What is Holistic

Nutrition Counseling?

This is the #1 topic women want to have a conversation about.  As a coach and nutrition counselor, I ONLY ​ believe in one philosophy: Food is Medicine, there is NO one size fits all approach to nutrition.  Learn more about my approach here. 


When it comes to nutrition and chronic health conditions, we will formulate a plan that meets your unique energy needs and promotes your body's natural ability to heal. 

Nutrition options:

  1. Implement a pre-designed non-therapeutic nutrition plan with Facebook community group, recipes, and nutrition products

  2. Create a personalized non-therapeutic food template focusing on adding nutritional value and/or identifying food triggers

  3. Help implementing a prescribed protocol: SCD, LowFODMAP, Elimination, Detox, AIP


Are you feeling totally overwhelmed with where to start or finding conflicting information, no worries, I got you!  This is COMMON and I will  help you through the process and get you moving forward towards renewed health. 

Food For Thought...

Poor lifestyle choices are the root cause of today's preventable chronic illness.


Is one of the top recommended interventions

when living with a chronic health condition yet:

Little support is provided

People waste time and money chasing fad diets

You may receive conflicting information 

I am here to tell you...


YOU are not the problem!

YOU haven't been provided with the RIGHT tools to make the necessary behavior change.

What if you could stop obsessing over food choices like it was another full-time job? 

MY Free Gift To YOU!

Top 5 reasons Women cant lose weight.cov

"It is time for you to know your power." - Abraham