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Image by Courtney Hedger

~ Warm fuzzies ~

"Jen is a passionate coach with a consummate desire to help her clients discover and grow in what makes them healthy and flourish the most.  She is able to be both direct in her questions to uncover truth, warm in her kindness and understanding the challenges of severe health issues, and insightful in making connection in ways health coaches are most needed to do.  I have worked as a coach, and coach coaches, for over two decades and I highly recommend Jen as a partner and advocate for those looking for support in their own health journey."

Misha Thompson, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, FMCA Course Facilitator

"Jen has been such an instrumental piece in my own health journey as I battled Lyme Disease and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). She empathetically listened to my concerns during our time together and truly made me feel like I was being heard and supported the entire coaching process as I waded through everything. When I was feeling so overwhelmed by my diagnosis, meal plans, and taking care of my house and children on top of it all she helped me to see what I was doing well and gave me practical suggestions to handle the areas that seemed to be so daunting. She guided me to identify easy goals to implement and build my belief in my that I can live my life despite my health.  I think of her every time I achieve something to this day. Jen's enthusiasm and zest are so contagious that any amount of time spent with her rubs off on me in the best possible way! I highly recommend her to anyone needing a supportive, compassionate, and energetic coach helping to implement health and wellness goals."

Stefanie Smit, Photographer and Blogger

Image by Taylor Simpson

I have worked with Jen over the past year and cannot express in words what an amazing person she is.  Her warm and caring nature helped me tremendously as I worked through several health issues with her.  I felt supported entirely through the coaching process by Jen and she helped me contemplate so many areas in my life that I had no idea were affecting my health.  I can honestly say that if I had not had Jen as my partner in health, I would be struggling in life and not thriving as I am today.  I don't know how coaching works, but all I know, is that it does! Jen is super knowledgeable in areas of health and it was the combination of her knowledge and coaching that allowed me to set and achieve goals that ultimately got me to where I wanted to be in my health journey.  I'm beyond grateful to Jen and I know if I ever need to come back, she would welcome me with open arms

Kelley Tesseris, SAHM

"When I first began with Jen for health coaching, I was in what I call a "swirl of life".  I had overcome several auto immune conditions with proper nutrition, but still got swept back into old habits. The number on the scale was reflecting that and I was beginning to not feel well again; both mentally and physically.  I also was working through a change in career and needed some tools to keep me focused.  She was absolutely instrumental in helping me to not only identify the many areas of wellness that I wished to work on, but she guided me through the process of changing those wishes into goals and the goals into successful life changes."

Jenn Kinney, Entrepreneur