What is Health Coaching?

The Functional Medicine Health Coach:

Is a Behavior Change Specialist who Listens to the client with curiosity and partners with them to address the root cause of their concerns while holding the client accountable for where they are and create goals that are realistic yet challenging to make lasting lifestyle change around these functional medicine Pillars of Wellness.

Coaching for Lifestyle Change, Jen Lendaris,Nationally Board Certified Health Coach

The Client:

Sets the pace and direction of the sessions while the coach provides effective tools for change in a non-judgmentalsafe and confidential space to get the results YOU want and are ready for!


Check out the Q&A section for in-depth answers to many of your questions about coaching and the client relationship!

With these different tools as options, we can effectively address your health by understanding the areas you may not be aware that are attributing to your health.  For example you may discover that looking in areas of stress management, sleep routines, and/or self-care, are your starting point for achieving true results.  

Change is hard, period, even change for good. 

The good news is, you are in the right place if you crave change!