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For Licensed Health Care Professionals

Doctor and Patient

I collaborate with Licensed Health Care Professionals in Private Practice to give you back time to do what you do best, enhance the quality of patient care with helping patients understand and implement your treatment protocols, and together we are part of a healthcare revolution to empower clients to 

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Doctor's Desk

The Team Approach

Ways We Can Make Change



Incorporate a wellness strategy for your office staff

Bring awareness to benefits of Health Coaching for your Practice

Work with staff to:


learn new coding for insurance (if you accept insurance)

Learn how to Identify patients who are appropriate for referral 1:1 coaching or Group Visits



Refer Patients to each other

Your patients pay me directly and I work with you to help them implement need change their health outcomes they are struggling with. 


Group Visits

Facilitate Group Visits on a topic you identify for a group of patients.


To learn more about the financial benefits to your practice and the benefits to your patients, see the Q&A page and/or contact me for an appointment to learn more!

Let's work together to prevent and reverse chronic illness!

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