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Jen Lendaris

I'm a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach, which basically means I am the real deal in coaching!  (You can learn more in the Q&A section).  I reclaimed my life with alternative solutions and I am dedicated to help other women living with chronic illness to join our movement to Own YOUR Health with confidence, compassion, and dreams for your future!

My health journey has been just that, a lifetime of living with multiple chronic illnesses, with almost all of them being preventable.


The common denominator of them all, is that I lived in silence wondering if I was crazy for thinking my general symptoms were about something bigger.  My quality of life was suffering and I found myself being socially distant because I didn't feel like others could relate.  The symptoms often lasted years before a diagnosis and were often treated with little to no effort to identify and treat the root cause which led me to develop new illnesses. 


I'm naturally a high energy, see the glass half full kind of gal, so I lived in disconnect with how I envisioned the active life I wanted to live vs. what my body would allow me to do.  Let's be real, this is a frustrating way to live life! 

One day after realizing I had no professional support system, spent thousands of dollars on fad diets & quick fixes, doctors bills, and medications, knew my health would only get worse unless I changed my approach and took control to  Own MY Health. 


It's been a whirlwind journey and I still have areas of improvement, but I have learned to celebrate all wins, not let illness define me, and have a voice for my health with my medical team.  I have made small goals that add up to HUGE  health gains: I am down 40 pounds, my labs are in normal range, I'm saving $400 a month from medications and doctors visits, and I have the time and energy to work, be social, and plan for my future!


I live my life with gratitude and a renewed mindset about what healthy looks and feels like.  love myself were I am and am able to be present as a wife, friend, and an active part of my kids lives.  

"Take time to feed your soul" ~Jen Lendaris

Fun Facts About Me!

  • Married to my boo 17yrs!

  • 3 Miracle Children (2 boys, 1 girl)

  • I'm a Cali Girl all the way!

  • Born/raised SF Bay Area

  • Lived in SoCal at the Beach

  • I'm obsessed with the Beach!

  • I love Football...Go Niners!

  • I love to travel and find the best local cuisine and social spots

  • I'm 100% a dog mom

  • Favorite food: tropical fruit

  • I can work anywhere, any timezone!

  • I revise my bucket list yearly

  • I'm scared of heights...and I have:    

    • ziplined in several countries  

    • skydived but will NEVER bungee jump!

Big Dreams
Travel 1/2 the year 

Own a beach house

Write a book about my health story

Health Coaching covered by insurance


Jen's Professional journey...

With over 15 years of combined experience in the health and wellness space she has a high level knowledge with training and education in multiple disease states. patient care, nutrition, fitness, and of course, coaching.  One notable accolade,  Jen has collaborated with medical thought leaders as part of a sales force to introduce the term: metabolic syndrome to the medical community, which is now a well established medical condition. 


Jen values the roles of all healthcare team members, conventional and holistic,  and understands what works well and the challenges they face with providing quality patient care.  She's an advocate of the team approach to health care where the coach is the starting point in reversing preventable chronic illness or the "secret sauce" when the client can't make sense of a prescribed protocol.  


Jen holds the following accreditation's:

B.A. Psychology and Minor in Chemistry from UCSD

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Nutrition Counselor

Certified Personal Trainer


Jen has additional training and experience with Motivational Interviewing (MI), Positive Psychology, TTM, Self-Compassion, and SMART goal setting.